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What is Illuminate Red?
Why use Illuminate Red?

Understand the PBS

Illuminate the PBS

Master the PBS

Developed over 5 years, Illuminate RED is a complete and comprehensive PBS database designed for pharmaceutical professionals to maximise their knowledge of medicines listed on the PBS. It includes product details for over 10,000 therapies listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Illuminate RED allows individuals to search data by molecule, brand, company and ATC code. The database provides users with:

  • the full history of PBS prices for every brand’s ex-manufacturer, price to pharmacy and dispense price over the past 20 years up to the latest schedule release
  • all product details, patient paid premiums and utilisation since 1991
  • all PBS unit and dollar sales data with easy to use search functions
  • all PBAC decisions from 2004

Illuminate RED combines the Sales database, Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule database and PBAC database into one simple interface for both basic and comprehensive PBS data analysis. Access to Illuminate RED allows users to access, analyse and present PBS data in a simple and time efficient manner. Illuminate RED can be used across departments for a range of different purposes:

Pricing and Market Access:

  • PBAC submissions
  • Understanding historical, current and future PBAC decisions
  • Planning for price changes to existing products

Sales and Marketing:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Directing marketing strategies
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Quick access to sales data

Business Development and pipeline planning:

  • Investigating potential profitable markets
  • Identifying gaps in the market
  • Pricing for future products in development